Why opt for the SanoD’or Nature products?

  • They are 99.5% chemical-free: i.e. they are neither harmful to our health, nor damage our environment.
  • They are able to keep our surfaces clean for a longer time, compared to traditional cleaning supplies, therefore it is not only more economic to use them, but they will also reduce the number of times you need to perform a cleaning.
Hatás angol probiotics
  • 3 products will cover the entire product range of cleaning supplies required in the house: i.e. it is easier to purchase them (avoiding the hassle of selecting a large number of products), and saves you money.
  • They are not irritant to the eyes or skin, as they contain no acid or alkali, as such, you don’t need to use any protective gear, like rubber gloves or a face mask.
  • They are safe to use for families with toddlers, or those having various allergic reactions to chemicals.
  • They reduce the risk of any new allergies developing.
  • They pose no threat to pets.
  • It is quick and easy to buy them in our online store.
  • No more clogs in the drain, as all residues and the related odors will get eliminated by the product, and the product will “keep on working” after it went down the drain.
  • They smell much better than any similar product -> thus your home or office will smell nice.

Economic use: Made in Hungary -> increases the GDP + shorter delivery time = environmentally friendly