Discover a new dimension of environmentally friendly cleaning methods, by opting for probiotic cleaning products.

What are the probiotics?

Probiotics include various bacteria, beneficial to the human body. They have been traditionally utilised in multiple areas, e.g. in the food processing industry, due to their ability to transform various sugars (including lactose) and other carbohydrates, into lactic acid.

What are the benefits provided by SanoD’or Nature probiotic cleaning products?

Probiotic cleaning products clean solely with natural ingredients, without harmful chemicals, and show a much higher efficiency, compared to traditional cleaning supplies, while solely containing biologically degradable components. They eliminate all bad odors, clean and give any surface a shiny and polished finish, and able to do that without damaging our health or our nature.

How probiotic cleaning products work exactly?

The so called good bacteria contained in the cleaning product will get attached to the cleaned surface, then will start growing, and as a result, will leave a beneficial microfilm on the surface. Such microfilm will then prevent any further colonization or proliferation of the various pathogens, ensuring that pathogens are not able to reach the minimum volume required to cause an infection.

For the same reason, please do NOT use probiotic cleaning products together with chemicals, as chemicals will destroy the “beneficial” microfilm created by the product on the surface.

Can you describe the exact work mechanism of probiotic cleaning products?

Bacteria generate various enzymes during their metabolitic processes, for the purposes of decomposing larger size organic pollution molecules into a size manageable by the bacteria.
Such enzymes act like a pair of scissors, cutting the pollution into smaller pieces.

Probiotikus tisztítószerek hatásmechanizmusa

Thereafter, the disintegrated pollution will get consumed by the good bacteria contained in the cleaning product, thus the various surfaces are kept clean for a longer time. Enzymes will also make all impurities water soluble, via their decomposing effect.

Are probiotic cleaning products better than traditional cleaning supplies?

Yes, as they are able to clean all surfaces with natural ingredients only, without adding toxic chemicals, and thus create a safe environment for all of us.