During the 14-year existence of SanOdor Ltd., I observed how serious illnesses could result from the lack of hygiene and how harmful chemicals we use when trying to keep our toilets clean which are teeming with bacteria. Unfortunately, a sad personal experience also reinforced these observations as one of my children died because of neglectful hygiene in the hospital.

I could have avoided this tragedy with my knowledge and preparedness today. That is why it is my key-question to bring the culture of hygiene to a higher level.

This knowledge obliges me to do all I can for a healthy, safe and a better future day after day using all the assets available.

I conceived our main goal which is to bring the culture of hygiene to a higher level in Hungary and over the borders providing a more comfortable and safer environment for everyone.

We have been distributing ‘green’ hygienic products that are harmless for health, but still there are lots of areas where there are no such environmentally friendly substances.

That is why we expanded our scope of responsibility to a broader area of life and after 4 years of hard work a new product family was born: SanOdor Nature, the Hungarian probiotic detergent (with good microbes) which is free from chemicals.

It allows us to transform our other mission to reality: contributing to a greener, more liveable world where people live in health and the Earth lives longer as well.

We are planning to further develop the product family and get the whole selection of products to foreign countries.

Be a part of this noble mission, join us, subscribe for our “Green Club” and enjoy all the benefits of membership.