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Finally healthy cleaning up exists!…By us!

Which group do you belong to?

  • You are allergic onto the chemicals?
  • Do you fear for your children because of the chemicals?
  • Is the health of your domestic animals important?
  • Do you like our Earth?
  • Do you like using a Hungarian product?
  • Not you know what onto what be useful? You get lost in the products of the thicks?
  • Do you hate to clean up?

If any of you are right for you, choose us! Be Healthy Cleaner!


How does a healthy cleanser work?

It is not a chemical that erodes the dirt, but is eaten by hungry, insatiable, beneficial bacteria in the cleaning agent for as long as it is.

Our SanoD’or Nature product line

1 litres of concentrate = 500 litres of detergent!
5 litres of concentrate = 2500 litres of detergent!

Chemical-free probiotic detergent
11 Ft/litres of price!

  • Shine: A probiotic bathroom surface cleaning concentrate. (Cleaning and anti-limescale effect, to be used on all bathroom equipment.)
  • Floor: A probiotic floor cleaner concentrate. (Low foam product, for mops, to be used on any floor type).
  • Brill: A probiotic, general purpose cleaning concentrate. (To be used on any water cleanable surface).
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Our mission:

Contributing to a greener, more liveable world where people live in health and the Earth lives longer as well.

„Green is not merely a colour, it is an attitude…a commitment to ecology to enhance the environment and to be ambassadors for tomorrow for Nature and our children.”

Martin Cassar
Park Management Officer