RólunkI founded SanOdor Ltd. in 2004 with the aim to help companies, restaurants, hotels, busy places, guests and clients spend their short time in the toilet in an environment free from bad smells, surrounded by nice scents instead. Before that, I had a previous business but I had to find a new goal for myself because of changes in my family. I was looking for a goal that is worth achieving for others, a goal that demanded long-term activities from my part. As my clients and their needs started growing, I was involved deeper and deeper in the area of hygiene – I was learning about its dangers and defects trying to live up to their expectations across the board. Unfortunately I experienced, and experience today as well, that we have a lot to do in this field.

That is why I conceived our main goal which is to bring the culture of hygiene to a higher level in Hungary and over the borders.

One essential part of it is that we produce detergents that are not harmful for the environment, for humans or for animals. This allows us to transform our other mission to reality: contributing to a greener, more liveable world where people live in health and the Earth lives longer as well.

During the last fourteen years I also realized that we have to start the development of hygienic culture with the education of children. If we teach them for example how to disinfect toilet seats or how to treat intimate waste – which is known to be a contagious, dangerous material – they will pass this knowledge on their children and on future generations. I worked up a program that I would like to implement all around the country and get the information across to all communities of children (kindergartens and schools), separately for the different age groups.

Although we have not yet managed to bring this playful educational program to life due to the lack of resources, we will not give up and we are relentlessly looking for supporters for the implementation of our noble goal.

Getting back to the birth of SanOdor Nature probiotic detergent family, the huge amount of continuous retraining, the regular conference trips abroad and the extensive market study helped us to find those ‘green’ and harmless hygienic products with which we could contribute to a more liveable world and to achieve our goals. We have been distributing and using these products for our services for a long time, and we are very proud of it. Our services include intimate waste collection, scale and bladder-stone removal with enzymes or providing waterless cleaning technology for our clients. However, we cannot be satisfied with this at all, because what I also saw in the last 14 years is that there are still a lot of areas where there are no detergents that are harmless for health and for nature.

That is why we expanded our scope of responsibility to a broader area of life and after 4 years of hard work a new product family was born: SanOdor Nature, the Hungarian probiotic detergent (with good microbes) which is free from chemicals. The family includes 3 members at the moment:

  • SanOdor Nature Floor detergent for the floor
  • SanOdor Nature Shine sanitary detergent
  • SanOdor Nature Brill general detergent

We are planning to further develop the product family and get the whole selection of products to foreign countries.

Check out the products on our website and contact us with confidence if you need further information.

Be a part of this noble mission, join us, subscribe for our ‘Green Club’ and enjoy all the benefits of membership.”