Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


What are the probiotics?

Probiotics include various bacteria, beneficial to the human body. They have been traditionally utilised in multiple areas, e.g. in the food processing industry, due to their ability to transform various sugars (including lactose) and other carbohydrates, into lactic acid.


Where are the SanoD’or Nature Probio products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in Hungary. Moreover, as it is locally produced, the delivery time and distance are shortened, and as a result, less fuel is used, thus we are also protecting the environment. Furthermore, since the products are manufactured here, we create Hungarian employment and we contribute to the economic growth. 


I have sensitive skin, can I use SanoD’or Nature Probio?

Yes! During the creation of our products, one of the most important aspects was that the components should be friendly with all kinds of skins. The products are not causing skin or eye irritation, since they contain neither acid, nor alkali; so when you are using them, there is no need for protective equipment, rubber gloves or a mask, when the products are used in accordance with the user manual.


Why are we selling the SanoD’or Nature Probio products in the form of concentrates?

Because this way it requires less packaging material during the manufacture of products, as a consequence, less waste is generated, thereby sparing the environment.


What’s the difference between the SanoD’or Nature Probio products and other products available on the market?

We do not only claim that the product family is healthy and environmentally friendly, but it really is. A lot of “organic” cleaning reagents, although they are biodegradable, but have a harmful impact on the body.e.g., acidic cleaners. In addition, the SanoD’or Nature’s products has been bottled as concentrates, from 1 liter of concentrate 500 litres of cleaning reagent can be obtained, so it has a very favourable price (11 Ft/ liter). Unlike other products, even the smell is very pleasant, so your home will not only be clean, but will have a pleasant fresh smell.


Environmentally friendly this is SanoD’or Nature Probio product line?

Yes it is, Probiotic cleaning products clean solely with natural ingredients, without harmful chemicals, and show a much higher efficiency, compared to traditional cleaning supplies, while solely containing biologically degradable components. The products paraffin and palm-oil free.


 Is the product packaging eco-friendly?

Unfortunately, not yet. Future plans include the change of bottles to eco-friendly, biodegradable versions. Until then the plastic bottles can be thrown into the selective recycling bin.


Is SanoD’or Nature products useful together with other detergents?

The so called good bacteria contained in the cleaning product will get attached to the cleaned surface, then will start growing, and as a result, will leave a beneficial microfilm on the surface. Such microfilm will then prevent any further colonization or proliferation of the various pathogens, ensuring that pathogens are not able to reach the minimum volume required to cause an infection. For the same reason, please do NOT use probiotic cleaning products together with chemicals, as chemicals will destroy the “beneficial” microfilm created by the product on the surface.


Did they test SanoD’or Nature Probio products on animals?

Our products it isn’t tested animal. Our company rejects it in a full measure it chemical industry animal testing.


Is there a refilling pack available?

Not yet. However, before long we plan to start producing packages of concentrates smaller than 1 liter, so we are not excluding the possibility of refillable packages to be available in the future.


Should the product be kept away from children? Does it have a security cap?

The products do not pose a threat to children, therefore the products have no safety cap. However, despite this, we recommend to keep the products out of reach.


Is the usage of the product dangerous beside domestic animals?

They pose no threat to pets.


Is there a hazard pictogram on the product?

No. Since the probiotic cleaning products are biodegradable, they contain natural substances. Therefore, it is not dangerous to the environment, for the human health, or pets, animals.


What kind of type belong to SanoD’or Nature Probio clean product line?

With 3 members our product line.The whole cleaning process can be covered by only 3 products.

  • Brill: probiotic chemical free general detergent concentrate
  • Floor: probiotic chemical free floor dry cleaners concentrate
  • Shine: probiotic chemical free sanitary detergent concentrate


How is it use our cleaner products?

Dissolve the product in water, in the dosage indicated on the product packaging, and layer it over the surface. The surface active ingredient will start acting immediately, but for even better results, you can leave it on for a few more minutes. Remove the product from the surface, by wiping it off. Please do NOT use probiotic cleaning products together with chemicals.


Deposits are located on the bottom of the bottle, but the product have not reached the expiration date yet. What happened?

The product contains living and active microbes, so deposits, or floating particles may be formed in them, which is a natural process, and it has no influence on the efficiency. Before use, gently turn it over, and keep it at room temperature, away from sun and frost.


Where can you buy this products?

This products buy our webshop: and

And our residence: 1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 105-113.

And coming soon more bio shop.